"Toad On Fire"
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Genres: Adventure, Indie, Shooter
Plattformen: PC (Microsoft Windows)

You take control as the resident toad named Smokey, engaging his flamethrower in inventive ways to successfully navigate various types of terrain and execute special moves. Harness its firepower to set enemies ablaze and take the offensive against the surprise incursion of enemy forces, making your way through 20+ levels of five distinctly themed worlds and the characters that inhabit them, with each encounter unfolding more to the mystery.

Frogs, the once-established nemesis exiled to space long ago, suddenly arrived out-of-nowhere, beaming down to the surface in waves and seizing the lands of amphibian communities and home to the eponymous toad. Fortunately, you take control moments before the chaos, arming him with a nearby flamethrower kept for seasonal work. Soon proving to be an effective weapon, Smokey takes on an objective to find and disable the teleport beacons that the frogs are using for beaming directly into the surrounding area.

Levels are filled with valuable food rations and gems to collect for purchasing power-ups. Other power-ups are scattered throughout, some in secret places, that assist you with the various encounters of enemies and hazards.


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